Before I get stuck in, let me introduce myself and EdventureCo. I’m Sean Steele, I’m the Chief Executive Officer of EdventureCo, married father of two lively boys and hard-rock gig pig (the bands and I seem to be getting older together which is nice!).

On a more serious note, as the son of a migration agent who specialised in political asylum cases from war-torn countries, my teenage years were filled with stories from newly arrived refugees of incredible tragedy but also of immense courage, sacrifice and determination to do whatever it took to create better options for themselves and their families.  Education also offers people this special opportunity; to transform their options if they’re willing to make the sacrifices necessary.  This is what drew me to the sector and is what continues to fuel my approach in the sector, every day.

EdventureCo is a rapidly growing, vocational and professional education and training (VPET) group. Our purpose, put simply, is to prepare people and businesses of today, for success tomorrow.

The team at EdventureCo purchase and develop education businesses. Our goal? Helping each one of them fulfil their potential for the benefit of all stakeholders: industry, students, staff and owners, and to contribute to the raising of the bar on quality across the VPET sector.


I am fortunate enough to travel throughout Australasia regularly and on this journey I am exposed to prospective challenges, trends and some of the awesome things happening in this great industry of ours. Whether it is meeting potential sellers of education businesses and their management teams, education investors, consultants and potential partners, colleagues in the industry, the list goes on – it never ceases to amaze me how committed and passionate everyone is and the similarity in the challenges we all face in this sector.

The top three categories of insights that I’m gaining along the way are:

  1. The trends that are occurring or are expected in the Australian and ASEAN accredited and non-accredited education sectors in relation to the future of learning and the future of work
  2. What’s happening from a regulatory and political perspective and what the impacts might be for education businesses or institutions, and
  3. What, of the unique things happening across the EdventureCo portfolio, resonates most from our philosophies and approaches with education leaders, their staff and colleagues in the industry.

As a result, over the course of FY20 and beyond you’ll start to hear from me more regularly through this blog and other relevant channels such as our LinkedIn page, Twitter, or Facebook.


My goal for this content series is to add value to you, the reader, by:

  1. Helping to shine a light on trends in learning and work that are worth noticing and considering, ones that we’re also grappling with and I’ll share how we’re thinking about them
  2. Sharing my perspective on the regulatory and political environment and impacts for educators – and in particular the impacts for EdventureCo, and
  3. Sharing some stories, case studies and other kinds of content relating to some of the things we’re doing or have done in the EdventureCo portfolio that are really working in an effort to inspire others in the sector and to act as a useful resource.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you find our content of value and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

If you have any questions for me, or would like us to comment on any changes occurring in education please reach out to me via our website or Facebook messenger.



What the Election Result Means for Educators and EdventureCo

The first in a series of blogs around the regulatory and political landscape called, can be found here.
This blog shares my perspective on the outcomes of the recent federal election in relation to the potential impacts on the sector and for EdventureCo specifically.