About EdventureCo

EdventureCo is the largest pure-play private vocational and professional education and training platform in the Asia Pacific region. Originally established in Australia, it is expanding into South East Asia. It comprises established and reputable colleges in blue and white collar fields such as building and construction, and information technology.

Accredited Qualification

Delivers accredited and non-accredited qualification from Certificate I through to Advanced Diploma, as well as industry and vendor endorsed certifications.

Student Success

Trained over 196,000 students over the past 26 years with skills and qualifications to advance their careers and employment prospects.

Diverse Student Body

Domestic and international students enrolled from a range of backgrounds, with limited reliance upon government funding.

Scaling Up

Scaling up a leading education platform deploying new integrated technologies and digital learning methods.

Global Locations

Delivers training from eight campuses across Australia and one international campus Philippines, and includes four operations and investment offices with presence in Manila, Singapore, and also Brisbane.