ENS is a global leader in virtual and face-to-face negotiation advice, support and training. In the past four decades and across over 70 countries, ENS has established a reputation as a trusted negotiation partner for some of the world’s largest organisations, including PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas and Woolworths. It provides tailored courses to both the public and private sectors, from finance and healthcare, to retail and government agencies. ENS courses explore negotiation strategies by analysing real-word situations and using interpersonal persuasion techniques. Participants walk away empowered to direct change, resolve conflicts, reinvent their businesses and accelerate growth.

Track record

Pioneers in the field of negotiation and influence training and a global record of success.

Flexible Delivery

A range of modalities including virtual and in-person training, customised consulting and continuous digital learning.


A global network of facilitators with real-world, practical experience across many industries and companies, offering training, advice and support to clients.


Established processes, closed loop approach to negotiation and influence training, and practical and experiential learning

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020 notes skills such as persuasion, negotiation, emotional intelligence and social influence are among the top 15 skills employers see as rising in prominence in the lead up to 2025.

Key Highlights


A range of courses delivered digitally for virtual learning


Customised advice and coaching for significant projects delivered in-person or virtually


In-person negotiation training delivered by our network of experienced professional facilitators

Knowledge Hub

Enabling continuous learning for lifelong skills improvement in negotiation and influence

Influencing better outcomes

Complete, closed loop approach to negotiation and influence – ‘beyond the negotiating table’.

Agile teaching practices

Combination of learning modalities from virtual to in-person to continuous learning.

Leaders in the field

World class network of experienced professionals who deliver in-person training, consulting and advice.

A unique approach

Experiential learning – using the real-world experience of participants.

Course Portfolio


With our ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development, you will hone the website design and development skills needed to build highly engaging, dynamic and mobile-friendly websites for the future. You will also develop the skills required to enter the website development industry as both an independent contractor (Freelancer) and as part of a development team, using industry-standard software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, content management systems such as WordPress and industry-standard frameworks such as Bootstrap.


Our ICT50118 Diploma of Information Technology will provide you with the knowledge and skills to tackle and solve real-world problems in an IT role. The Diploma is designed across key areas such as security and networking, as well as administration and management of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a variety of workplace settings.


AIICT’s Certified Cybersecurity Professional course will prepare you for a career in an industry with 0% unemployment. This interactive online course will take you from zero industry experience to a job ready, front line Cybersecurity Analyst in less than six months. AIICT’s pathway course includes three certifications from CompTIA, certifications which are accredited by International Organisation for Standardisation and the American National Standards Institute (ISO/ANSI). Please note: this program is not accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework – Head to courses to view AIICT’s Nationally Accredited Qualifications.

Our Cybersecurity training solutions align intentionally to EdventureCo’s mission to equip and future proof our global workforce partners with industry recognised skills and certification. With the combination of accreditation, and through consultation with our Advisory Board of industry leaders, AIICT ensures that this course pathway prepares you for the latest roles in cybersecurity.