At EdventureCo, we prioritise the development of unique, specialist education brands who deliver on their unique brand promises. We back those who have built a reputation over time for delivering industry-leading student satisfaction and graduate outcomes.

We provide a stronger and more secure platform for our students and our shareholders. We reject the shaky, funding-dependent models of the past. Each brand’s core business is predominantly fee-for-service in nature with state, federal or industry funding available where the student requires it, or the industry expects it.

We know that our journey will lead to an enviable position; a portfolio of distinct and reputable education brands achieving their potential and impacting their industry in a meaningful and positive way.

We also know, that like our students, we will face challenges along this journey and we are confident that we will call on our resilience, strength, and resources to learn from these moment. We are Edventurers and this is our calling.

We hope to meet you on the journey.