EdventureCo is committed to Inspiring for Life!

We work with all employees to create an inspirational experience in which we all drive for excellence, commit to life-long learning and hold a passion for community.

Current Career Opportunities

Inspirational Experiences

At EdventureCo we are inspired by our students and by our people every single day. We believe we can all positively impact our own experiences, the experiences of others and the community as a whole. We are committed to developing inspiring people who have the courage to step forward and make a difference.

Drive for Excellence

Our commitment to preparing the workforce of today, for success tomorrow requires us to provide the highest caliber educational experiences for our students and the organisations that work with us. Each individual has an integral role in providing excellence and a responsibility to drive for continuous improvement.

Life Long Learning

Our business is professional education. It is core to everything we do and we make a commitment to providing learning opportunities for all our employee. We believe all employees can and should lead and we support individuals to become the best they can be.

Passion for Community

Our business is privileged to be involved in a community of employees, a community of students, a community of businesses as well as the many communities in which we operate. We take the responsibility of being a member of these communities and aim to provide unquestionable support to these communities.

The EdventureCo Group is a growing education group that prioritises the acquisition and development of specialist education brands who deliver on unique brand promises. The EdventureCo portfolio currently includes:

ICT Pillar



EdventureCo look forward to welcoming further brands to the portfolio in the medium term.

At EdventureCo, our goal is to equip students with relevant skills in a fast-changing world where jobs are increasingly being displaced by automation and robotics.

If you are interested in joining us in a growing and fast paced business, please contact us at [email protected].

Current Career Opportunities: