Founded in 1978 with the purpose of integrating the understanding of human psychology into the negotiation process, ENS has become a global provider of negotiation training, coaching and consulting services to global brands and government clients in over 70 countries


Student satisfaction


Countries delivered


Languages delivered

Proprietary learning content

ENS has developed proprietary learning content and methodologies over the past 40 years, proven to support business growth through the development of effective negotiation and influencing skills

Expert Led

The ENS training process includes a pre-workshop needs analysis, followed by expert-led 2-4 day workshops with engaging and interactive digital hubs to embed learning post-workshop

Strong course outcomes

ENS delivers strong course outcomes with 92% of participants reporting the immediate application of skills developed

Supplementary virtual learning

State of the art online delivery capabilities through developing virtual learning environments and courseware to support the existing delivery

Key Highlights

Open Programs

Virtual and face-to-face negotiation and influencing training courses providing foundational to masterclass level coaching. Techniques, methodologies and tools to achieve enhanced business objectives and gain insights into human behaviour

In-House Programs

In-house experiential workshops with proven methodologies founded on the principles of psychology and neuroscience. Balanced approach to negotiation processes, achieving better win/win outcomes

Consulting and Coaching

Consulting, mentoring and coaching at any stage of a negotiation with effective strategies to strengthen the client’s negotiating position. Coaching tailored to achieving specific outcomes

Digital Knowledge Hub

An interactive learning platform with tools and resources on negotiation for individuals, organisations and industry experts. Information on process frameworks, negotiation psychology and neuroscience, accessible anywhere and anytime