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EdventureCo is a certified B Corporation, recognition of its commitment to raising business standards and creating a positive impact on the life and livelihood of its communities through education

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations 2021 update on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stated that broader participation in continuing education and training is needed to create more resilient and adaptable workers.

UN SDG 4 calls for ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Continuing education and training are key to improved livelihoods and to developing a labour force resilient to economic shocks and adaptable to technological change.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the average participation rate of youth and adults in formal and non-formal education was only 25%, with significant variation across the 73 countries with data. In nearly half of them, participation rates were below 10%, but were 40% and above among countries in Europe and Northern America. Gender parity in participation rates was achieved in less than a fifth of the countries.

With schools and workspaces transitioning online due to COVID-19, ICT skills have become critically important. However, available data from 2017–2019 indicate that less than 40% of youth and adults reported performing one of the basic ICT skills in the last three months, such as sending an email with an attachment.