Our Approach

EdventureCo is a premium provider of digital, soft and future skills training that prepares the workforce of today for success tomorrow.

Digital Skills

EdventureCo ensures companies stay ahead of the digital curve and that their technology does not outpace the skills of their people

Through its digital skills training offerings, EdventureCo has a large and varied portfolio of over 700 instructor-led technology training courses, delivered to over 15,000 students annually online, in its training facilities or at client premises

Soft Skills

Technology is displacing routine and repetitive roles while increasing the requirement for soft skills such as emotional intelligence, negotiation and leadership

EdventureCo’s business, ENS, is a global provider of negotiation and influencing training based around a unique framework, underpinned by behavioural science. ENS assists clients in achieving business outcomes by improving the ability of staff to influence internal and external stakeholders

Future Skills

Ongoing skills shortages exist across many occupations in Australia that are being exacerbated by technological disruption

Through its future skills training provider, Everthought Education, EdventureCo delivers accredited qualifications backed by strong industry links and experienced practical trainers