DDLS Launches RESILA Frontline Cyber Awareness Training to Stem Cyber Breaches in Australian Organisations

DDLS Launches RESILA Frontline Cyber Awareness Training to Stem Cyber Breaches in Australian Organisations

DDLS is pleased to announce the addition of RESILIA Frontline, online training focused on improving cyber security behaviours across all employees, to its growing portfolio of Cyber Security Training products.

To date, much of the focus on protecting organisations from cyber security breaches has been about technology, working with senior IT or security specialist decision makers, where their role is to develop holistic technical security controls across the organisation. Yet the reality is that people are the greatest strength or the critical vulnerability in any organisation’s resilience. Those surveyed in the recent Telstra Security Report (July 2019) stated the greatest risk to IT security is ‘human error’ – often caused by inadequate business processes and employees not understanding their organisation’s security posture.

“We have come to expect work health and safety, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace as standard compliance induction requirements. With the growing cost of cybercrime to organisations, we are seeing an increased demand for cyber security awareness training to become a standard inclusion in induction programs,” said Jon Lang, CEO of DDLS.

RESLIA is part of AXELOS Global Best Practice and their RESILIA Frontline awareness training provides all employees of an organisation with the knowledge, skills and confidence to adopt new behaviours designed to grow their cyber resilience. Topics covered include phishing, social engineering, password safety, BYOD (bring your own device) and more. The training is delivered online in an innovative and flexible format, and is designed to minimise day-to-day disruption.

Nick Wilding, General Manager of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS said, “We’re excited to be working with DDLS, to take this important cyber awareness training to Australian organisations. Organisational resilience and security against growing cyber-attacks really is a team sport – everyone in our organisations has a critical role that they need to play. Providing training to all your staff that’s effective in changing behaviours is increasingly the most important and cost-effective protective measure any organisation can take to reduce cyber security incidents. DDLS is perfectly placed to take this offer to their extensive customer base.”

For more information on RESILIA Frontline and to register, please visit https://www.ddls.com.au

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DDLS is Australia’s multi-award winning leader in corporate IT training. For the past 25 years, DDLS has partnered with global leaders in technology to deliver training to Australia’s IT workforce, focusing on three key pillars: technology, process and people. DDLS continues to grow its already strong portfolio of Cyber Security training products which includes (ISC)2’s CISSP, CompTIA’s Security+ and a range of training options from EC-Council, including the popular CEH.