EdventureCo acquires Plain English Foundation

EdventureCo acquires Plain English Foundation

EdventureCo has announced the acquisition of Plain English Foundation (PEF) in a move that will expand its delivery of workplace skills training and development.

Under the deal, PEF will operate as one of six businesses under the EdventureCo banner, which collectively supports professional development through digital, soft, and future skills training.

EdventureCo Director, Michael Hui, said PEF was a natural fit.

“The acquisition of Plain English Foundation has strengthened our ability to prepare today’s workforce with relevant skills to achieve success well into the future, even as traditional jobs evolve in line with digital transformation and new jobs emerge,” Mr Hui said.

PEF empowers professionals to improve their English writing skills and enables clear communication through tailored training and editing services. In the past 15 years, PEF has trained over 30,000 professionals and evaluated over 50,000 documents for more than 300 business and government organisations. The importance of clear written communication has never been higher, with three in four interactions with government agencies taking place online rather than face-to-face or via the telephone, according to a recent survey by Deloitte Access Economics and Ipsos.

“Numerous inquiries have shown that failures by government and business to communicate clearly with their stakeholders can result in negative outcomes,” Mr Hui said. “As Australia’s leading provider of clear communication services, PEF’s goal to improve the standard of public language is essential.”

PEF will complement and join ENS, Everthought Education, DDLS, the Australian Institute of ICT, and Auldhouse as part of the EdventureCo group. All six businesses have been brought together under EdventureCo in the past six years.

All PEF employees will be retained as part of the acquisition.

About EdventureCo

EdventureCo is a premium provider of digital, soft and future skills training that prepares the workforce of today for success tomorrow. Students receive skills and qualifications to commence their careers, upskill or reskill, as part of EdventureCo’s commitment to lifelong learning experiences.

It comprises six established and market leading businesses delivering skills focused training to over 20,000 students each year via online delivery and across 13 campuses in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

EdventureCo operates as the education platform for parent company Arowana. Its brands include ENS, Everthought Education, DDLS, the Australian Institute of ICT, Auldhouse, and Plain English Foundation.

About PEF

Plain English Foundation was founded with the mission to improve the quality of public language by making clear, concise communication a business and government standard.

PEF’s core business is to deliver plain language services and products and the business was instrumental in establishing the international definition of plain language, which was officially adopted by the International Plain Language Federation. Plain language is the ideal standard for all workplace writing and public language because it is clear, precise, readable, usable, and efficient.

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