How does a microsoft learning partner support cloud training?

How does a microsoft learning partner support cloud training?

When you engage a partner from assessment to program management, they can analyse the unique project requirements and objectives to design a customised training solution suitable for each customer.

End-to-end services help customers leverage assessments to identify knowledge gaps. The services may also include creating a career or role framework for job families and creating custom learning pathways that might include professional certifications that reflect the organisation’s skill and development priorities. End-to-end services can also include creating, issuing and management of digital badges. As a Microsoft Learning Partner, Lumify supports digital badges through

Students on training delivered by a Microsoft Learning Partner will also receive a course completion badge from Microsoft. This is a great way to showcase new skills and keep track of all Microsoft training taken over time, in one place.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) published a report called “Leveraging Microsoft Learning Partners for Innovation and Impact”. The report, which surveyed IT leaders, found that customers want their learning partner to be able to address “short-term as well as long-term learning objectives” without having to go to lots of different providers.

In short, they want end-to-end learning partners.

They feel that these partners can help organisations:

  • Identify pain points.
  • Simplify the learning initiative.
  • Reach learning and business objectives.