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EdventureCo is a premium provider of digital, soft and future skills training that prepares the workforce of today for success tomorrow

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Future Skills

Occupations and skills that are technology-intensive and require vocational qualifications face long-term skills shortages due to population trends and impact of digitalisation

As industry accelerates its adoption of technology, there are a rising number of ‘blue tech’ roles being created that require reskilling and upskilling of the workforce

Soft Skills

Substitution of roles by technologies such as automation and AI is driving demand in soft skills-intensive occupations

While technology may eliminate the requirement for routine and repetitive tasks, it increases the requirement for ‘human skills’ such as creativity, negotiation, emotional intelligence and leadership

Digital Skills

There has been a clear acceleration in the adoption of new cloud technologies and software by business that is driving growth across industries and increasing demand for new job roles and skill-sets

The primary beneficiaries are technology and technology-enabled roles, which already face persistent skills shortages